Fibreglass Swimming Pool Styles

Here at Bayside Pools, we offer a great range of fibreglass swimming pools.
From our Eco Plunge to our Elegant Pool shape, we have one to suit any backyard.

Why choose a fibreglass swimming pool?

Fibreglass swimming pools can be more cost effective. Installation time is greatly reduced.
The fibreglass is PH neutral, which means you use less chemicals and lower maintenance. We have a great range of colours.
Our fibreglass shells are made in New Zealand and are a very high quality.

ECO PLUNGE POOL • 4.2m x 2.4 (1.5m depth)

Our Eco Plunge is our smallest plunge pool in our fibreglass range.
This pool is ideal for small sites and tight areas as it comes in at
4.2 meters by 2.4 meters, and a depth of 1.5.

TRANQUIL POOL  • 3.6m x 2.2m (1.2m depth)

Our Tranquil Pool is our second smallest pool in our fibreglass range.
This pool is ideal for lounging around to relax, and coming in at
3.6 meters by 2.2 meters, and a depth of 1.2.

LAGOON POOL  • 6m x 2.4m (1.4m depth)

Lagoon Pool is a great medium size plunge pool,
with a water depth of 1.4m, and a length of 6 meters, and a width of 2.4m.
This pool also includes a nice sitting and relaxing area in the steps.

PURE POOL • 6.5m x 2.8m (1.7m depth)

Pure is our largest plunge pool and is very simple,
with just stairs entering either side, and 2 corner seats in the deep end.
This pool is 6.5 meters by 2.8m, and a depth of 1.7 meters.

COVE POOL • 7m X 3.4m (1.8m depth)

Cove is an awesome size pool at 7 meters by 3.4m and is 1.8 meters deep

SATIN POOL • 8m X 4m (1.8m depth)

This is our Satin Pool.
It is 8 by 4 meters with a depth of 1.8 meters. It has a toe lip both sides.
It also includes 2 corner benches down the deep end.

SHORELINE POOL • 9m X 4.4m (1.8m depth)

Shoreline Pool.
This pool is a great size at 9 by 4.4 meters and 1.8 meters at the deep end.
This pool has got an awesome sitting ledge, where you can sit down and relax and enjoy your pool with your friends.

ICONIC POOL • 10m X 4.4m (1.8m depth)

This is our Iconic Pool shell.
This pool is no joke, coming in at 10 meters, 4.4 meters wide 
and a depth of 1.84 meters!
This pool includes 2 cool benches down the deep end where
you can swim to and relax on. This pool also includes a toe hold ledge.

ELEGANT POOL • 12m X 4.4m (2m depth)

This is our Elegant Pool.
The largest fibreglass shell we supply.
It is not only long, at a whopping 12 meters, and with an amazing width
of 4.4 meters, and a depth of 2 meters!
This pool comes with 2 cool sunning benches in the deep end to relax on, as well as a toe hold lip.

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