Concrete Swimming Pools

When you get a concrete pool constructed by Bayside Pools, you get an actual concrete pool.

We accomplish this by firstly boxing up the outside of your swimming pool,
installing the steel reinforcing to engineers specifications, then shot-creting the pool.

This is done with a concrete pump that sprays concrete out at a very high pressure on top of the reinforcing steel.
Then we cut your pool to your desired shape. Once the shot-crete is dry, we apply a waterproof plaster to the shot-crete wall,
then install your tiles and finally, we apply your desired pool plaster.

We also do block concrete swimming pools if needed.

The benefits of having a concrete swimming pool is you get the shape and dimensions you want, you can use the pool as retaining.
The pool can be in and out of the ground. We can install wet edges for infinity swimming pools.
The pool can even be used as a structural member of a house, so when you get those tricky sites the swimming pool can hold up the house.
When the pool is out of the ground, we can even fence it in a way that the swimming pool wall becomes pool fencing.

Concrete Pool Plaster Options

Below is our concrete pool plaster range

Hydrazzo Pool Plaster

Quartzon Pool Plaster

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